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Baltimore Russell


Baltimore is an actor, writer and producer living in New York City. Originally from Texas, he began acting at age 7 and pursued a career in the arts at Southern Methodist University and then at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Baltimore moved to NYC to pursue his career in the arts and has been seen on the NY stage in Judy and Me, The Downtown Urban Theatre Festival as well as in all the NY based soaps. His film work includes Arya and Sinister. He can currently be seen playing Monty St. James in the new media series People you Know.



Roles I Play...


Searching for the perfect mate leaves him pining for the wrong one. A shoulder to lean on and a trusting ear who ends up giving more than ever getting back. Loyalty and big romantic gestures are his stock in trade.


A CIA Analyst, a Scholarly Professor, or a Shrewd Lawyer. who uses the legal system to save clients,but could also manipulate the system for his own gain. Determined, ambitious and competitive, he takes on challenges and gets results by any means necessary. 


An all American average joe who is thoughtful, charming, ready to lend a helping hand. His infectious smile and personality can elude his neighbors and even his own family of a dangerous secret.

Baltimore Russell

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